4 tips for website competitors analysis research

Under the current tide of the Internet economy, no matter the type of business such as ecommerce, retail or app, there is a need to find and analyze competing products. How do you usually think about the role of competitive product analysis? The following will be from four A brief introduction to each aspect:

  • The importance of competitive analysis
  • How to do site competitor analysis
  • Key indicators to focus on in competitive analysis
  • Two interesting tools

1) The importance of competitive analysis

Competitive product analysis is very important and can bring a lot of help to our product work. The more common ones are as follows:

  • A feasible method can be developed for the product;
  • Keep abreast of competitors' products and market dynamics at any time. If the mining data channels are reliable and stable, the other party's strategic intentions and the latest adjustment direction can be judged based on relevant data information;
  • Be able to grasp the capital background of competitors, the demand satisfaction of market user segments and the vacant market; including product operation strategies;
  • Self-adjustment quickly to maintain the stability of its own products in the market or to rapidly increase market share;
  • New products and ideas (very dangerous, which means that there is no accumulation and precipitation in the new contact industry) have not formed a more effective and complete systematic thinking and objective and accurate direction;

2)How to do site competitor analysis

Before talking about obtaining competitive product analysis data, we must first find out the types of competing products. Currently, the more popular categories of competing products are:

  • product's direct competitor
  • Indirect competitor of product
  • Products in the same industry with different models
  • Concept products
  • After understanding the type, we can consider the analysis data sources of competing products in a targeted manner. The following are several important means of obtaining information:
  • Collection of marketing, operation and management departments
  • Industry media, group collection
  • Core and active user opinion collection
  • Competitor site analysis
  • Search engine to query competing product information
  • Competitive product trial and business and technical consultation

3)Key indicators to focus on in competitive analysis

The above mentioned a lot about the classification of competing products, data collection, etc. In fact, you can see that there are many collection channels that are relatively scattered and labor-intensive, and some can be obtained through technical means, such as the competing products that we want to focus on. For site analysis, some collection tools currently on the market can roughly help users collect some of the following indicator data:

  • Site's global ranking, country ranking and category ranking
  • Site traffic, bounce rate, user stay time, number of pages visited by evaluation
  • The source of the traffic channel for the site
  • The geographic distribution of the site's audience
  • The site's associated keywords and primary and secondary competitors

4)Two interesting tools

For the tool comparison, I chose two products, one is a paid product ahrefs.com, and the other is aranking.io which is free

The analysis result interface of Ahrefs:

It can be clearly seen that the analysis of ahrefs still has more opportunities for various traffic indicators, such as external chain data, natural search and paid search indicators, etc. The overall feeling of Ahrefs is that it emphasizes traffic analysis, and the details of the indicators are large and complete.

Aranking is a free site analysis tool. The main indicator data that can be provided is divided into 5 parts:

The summary, it provides Alexa rank data:

Alexa  traffic distribution is mainly analyzed from the source channels and social media distribution:

Geographical distribution of audience, to analyze the geographical distribution of website visitors:

Hope the above article can help you!