Choose Best Alexa Alternative – The Only Guide You Need

Alexa will be retiring on May 1, 2022. is a subsidiary company of Amazon and it is widely known for its global ranking system which uses web traffic data to measure alexa rank for each website. Unfortunately, this powerful tool will be retiring on May 1, 2022 . This sudden news has sparked a heated discussion in Internet:what is the best alternative to

If you are looking for an alternative to alexa, this article it will help you to find the answer.

What are the key features of

As a website traffic analysis tool that has been operating for 26 years, provides website ranking, traffic analysis, keyword analysis, competition research and other features. Here we list five essential features of

Choose Best Alexa Alternative - Aranking
  • Feature1:Check the alexa rank of any website
  • Feature2:Quickly view the top keywords 
  • Feature3:Analyze the geo distribution of the audience
  • Feature4:Find your website competitors
  • Feature5:Gain Insights from competing websites

Which products can meet these key features and replace

The table below gives us a brief feature introduction of alexa alternatives. As for the feature supporting, Ahref is the best.

website rank top keywords audience geo  explore

We also need pay attention to the price of these products.

Product Basic suite Pro suite Business Suite
Semrush $119/mo $229/mo $449/mo
SimilarWeb $249/mo $449/mo Custom
Ahrefs $99/mo $199/mo $999/mo
Spyfu $39/mo $79/mo not support
Ubersuggest $29/mo $49/mo $99/mo

Although most of these products have free version for users, there are strict restrictions on features and data. Is there any completely free alexa rank alternative

Free alexa rank alternative:Aranking

Aranking is a complete free alexa rank tool. It provides website rank, traffic distribution, top keywords and competitor site analysis to help you get core data of any website.

Choose Best Alexa Alternative - Aranking

It can help you quickly check the website ranking and the proportion of traffic channels.

Choose Best Alexa Alternative - Aranking
Choose Best Alexa Alternative - Aranking

Get the geographic distribution of your audience by viewing a map of the world.

Choose Best Alexa Alternative - Aranking

By our competition analysis feature, you can quickly explore 10 competitors of searching website, get website data insight about traffic, visit duration, keywords, and obtain the related websites of each competitor. 

Choose Best Alexa Alternative - Aranking

For example, Aranking found ten competing websites of for me, and showed the basic data and keywords of these websites, which was very helpful for me to study the competitive market.

3 advices to choose best alexa alternative

Clarify your purpose

If you are looking for a comprehensive website market intelligence analysis tool, then my recommended choice is ahrefs. Because it has rich functions, it can fully meet your website analysis needs. On the other hand, if you only focus on a specific feature, such as analyzing the distribution of traffic sources, you just need a free vesion of SimilarWeb. All in all, you need to be clear about what you want from the product.

Choose suitable product suite

If you decide to choose a paid product, then I suggest you study the functional differences of the product suite, because the functional usage times of different suite of these products are also different, and you need to choose the appropriate package to meet your requirements.

Consider free alternatives

Some free alexa alternatives can help you quickly verify whether they meet your requirement and save you money.