Three best tools for finding website competitors

website competitors

You probably know who your competitors website are, but in addition to e-com companies and businesses, you may also be competing with bloggers and news sites in your industry for the top spot on the results page.Therefore, you need to research who is at the top of your target results page and which sites you are competing with for your target keywords. Armed with this information, you'll have a complete view of your competitors and your industry's online landscape. If you assume that you are only competing for SEO keywords with businesses in your industry, you may inadvertently overlook key competitors

1. Why do you need to know about competing websites?

SEO surveys provide a lot of valuable pieces of information that can help you build marketing and online strategies. For example, you can see which keywords are targeted by competitors, which keywords they ignore, and how high the rough cost of these keywords is. Over time, if you keep reviewing their SEO, you can also gain insight into their strategy and market goals. You can then use this information to adjust your strategy.

Many large companies will have a complete marketing team whose only job is to review their competitors and keep their websites at the top of the most valuable SERP. If you don't analyze your competitors' search engine optimization and online marketing work, you will be disadvantageous. So how can you easily find real online competitors? There are many ways and a variety of tools to help you automate this process, and a few handy tools are provided below.

2. How to find your competing website?

Here is a list of the best free tools in my opinion for getting competing websites.

The main function of this website is to find competing websites. It sorts according to the similarity of websites and provides basic information of 10 competing products, such as Alexa rank, category rank, searched website keyword information, brief traffic information, etc. - site info and competing websites

It has a convenient plug-in to find related sites to get more competing sites. If you are interested, you can go to its official website to take a look

This is an old website, its page is not beautiful, but it can get more competing websites and their domain name value and analysis data at one time - top competitors

It provides analytical data for many dimensions of your site that you can analyze.

siteprice.orig - traffic & revenue - website info - site rankings

Aranking provides competitor website search and competitor website analysis - competitor website

The competitive product search module lists 10 competing product sites and the ranking of similarity and also lists the same keywords of the current site and competing products, which are the basis of similarity ranking. You can use ahref to understand the competition of these keywords, which will help you a lot in formulating your SEO marketing strategy and advertising marketing. - SEO keywords

More creatively, it lists some of the website’s SEO keywords that reveal the source of most of the website’s traffic and compares it to your site to see if it competes with yours for the same keywords. In addition, some similar keywords are provided for your reference. - site info - audience and traffic

Even more interesting: Aranking will help you find information about your competitors, which will help you find more potential

It also contains the site's audience information, marketing channels, traffic information, website performance, aleax rank and other site analysis data to help you gain insight into your opponents.

3. At the end

Knowing your competing sites is very important. I recommend checking monthly or quarterly to see if new competing sites are emerging and how the strategies of those old competing sites have changed to ensure your advantage over the competition