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#1 Free Alexa Rank Alternative

Aranking is a complete free website Alexa rank tool.  It provides Alexa ranking, traffic distribution, top keywords, and competitors analysis to help you get the core data of any websites.




What are the best benefits of using Alexa alternative tool?

Aranking is a free Alexa alternative tool! It can help you to find Alexa rankings, Alexa traffic, keywords, and any site analysis report you need.

✅ Get quickly various Alexa ranking and traffic analyses for websites every day

To deduce the growth tendency of websites, you should be more attentive to the traffic and Alexa rank of sites. 
To track the traffic in every device, network, and search engine to improve your insight into websites.
Get the website data visits, visits tendency of three months, and channels of distribution by using website traffic checker to improve your strategy in SEO.


Facebook audience targeting tool

✅ Obtain clear and complete keywords analysis with an accurate traffic tracker

Track website keywords to traffic regularly, find out what top keywords led to growth, and be the first to provide huge similar keywords for your reference. These similar keywords will be unique role in site construction if you are good at using them.
In addition, Be careful to avoid putting the overlapping keywords of the top related sites in the important position of SEO, which will make your Alexa ranking boost very difficult.


google keywords research for audience targeting

✅ Compare various free competitor website analysis to broaden insight

Compare simply various competitor website analysis by visits, month change, visit duration, top keywords, and related sites to find quickly its advantages and disadvantages.


compare two adwords and view audience detail

Want free competitor website analysis? You're in the right place!


Join thousands of satisfied customers using our free Alexa alternative tool.

Aranking is very user-friendly and easy to use. I love that I can search by a website URL. Sometimes I use it for analyzing Alexa rank but mostly I use it for competitive research. I expect this free Alexa alternative tool to do better.

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Venesa A.

You can type in a domain to see all of the keywords. With deep insights and reporting, Aranking is a solid tool for people who are starting an SEO campaign. Aranking is the free best Alexa alternative tool. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Aranking is a free website analysis tool, it provides Alexa ranking, traffic distribution, website top keywords to help you get the core data of any websites. You can also get massive competitors information of your website which is necessary to research your competitors
Aranking provides core data of website analysis. Such as website alexa rank, alexa traffic distribution, audience geography and website competitors information.
1.Get important analysis data for any website.
2.Quickly find massive competitors of your website.
3.Find the core keywords of competitors and avoid investing too much in keywords with high overlap
Of course! It is a complete free tool.
Aranking includes unlimited searches to help you analyze any competitors.

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